The calm of the ocean

In my prayer time this morning, the Lord showed me an ocean.  As I looked, I thought it was a lake, as the waters were not moving like the ocean doe.  But it was not a lake, it indeed was the ocean.

I saw boats scattered throughout the ocean, some of these small boats had one person inside, others two, sometimes three.  They all had a single fishing pole.

Lord, what does this mean, what are you showing me?

I will calm the waters to bring in my lost sheep.  The harvest will be performed on a personal level, one on one, or two on one, in intimate settings.

It is time for my harvest to be reeled in. They will be saved from the depths of the sea, the sea of sin where it is dark, cold and lonely.  They will come out of the depths into the light, and I will expose them to the “Son” and they will receive healing.

It is a season of restoration and harvest of souls.

I have loved ones that I am praying for, and this word encouraged me. May it do the same for you.



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6 thoughts on “The calm of the ocean

  1. What a powerful dream!

    • yes it was, thank you!

  2. Gabby Jarquin

    Awesome thank you Jesus for your incondicional love for all of us

  3. Yes, may it be so!

  4. Miryam Hester

    Amazing. So powerful. Thank you for sharing. Amen.

  5. Oh amen….!!! Thank you.

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